Our towns

Situated in the heart of central western Queensland, our region offers visitors a warm outback welcome and experience. This friendly country hospitality comes naturally to us as our five towns – Alpha, Jericho, Barcaldine, Aramac and Muttaburra – all retain and share those good old fashioned, small town values and charm.

Since the late 1800s our main industries have been sheep and cattle production. While we continue to produce high quality wool and beef, we have developed a thriving tourism industry to showcase the beauty and diversity of our region.

Our rich heritage, indigenous culture, natural landscapes, variety of fauna and flora, lakes and rivers, arts attractions, events and festivals ensure there is something for everyone.

An early morning or late afternoon walk will showcase the beautiful sunrises and sunsets we experience in the outback. If you are a keen birdwatcher bring along your binoculars and camera as this is also the time of day to visit permanent watering holes where the birds will come to drink. 

Bring along your fishing rod and enjoy a relaxing day under the sun. All our communities have a river or two to catch a famous Golden Perch or known locally as Yellowbelly. 

If you are an avid geocacher, our region boasts over 300 geocaches and we challenge you to stay a while and find them all. 

Our region has a full events calendar, from sporting events to festivals and touring shows, so why not plan your trip around one of our many events. 

Spend as long as you need to explore all that our region has to offer…

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