Home of the world’s longest sculpture trail

Aramac is one of the oldest towns in the central west.  Originally known as Marathon, the town was later renamed after Robert Ramsay Mackenzie, the first explorer to the area who carved his name (R R Mac) on a tree.  The tree was found by the explorer William Landsborough and the name Aramac was born.

While in town visit the Harry Redford Interpretive Centre and learn about the infamous Harry Redford (Captain Starlight) and how a distinctive white bull was his undoing.  Explore the Tramway Museum, where you can see Aunt Emma RM28 rail motor and memorabilia from the early years of settlement.

Head out of town and make your way around the 209km Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail, where the natural landscape meets art, with 40 creative scrap metal sculptures made by one artist. Along the way stop off at Lake Dunn, Gray Rock, Horsetailer’s Gorge and the Healing Circle.   

Town map - Aramac - June 2022