Garden City of the West

Barcaldine has an interesting and famous history.  The name Barcaldine originates from the Oban region in Scotland and is pronounced bar-call-din.

Barcaldine is home to the Tree of Knowledge, the birthplace of the labour movement in Australia.  The tree grew outside the Railway Station for about 180 years until 2006 when sadly, it was poisoned by an unknown culprit.  The famous tree has been preserved and placed under an award winning structure that gives the illusion of a canopy over the Tree.  The best view of the tree and the memorial is at night when it is beautifully lit by special lighting.  A visit at night will be a highlight of your trip.

Local tip: not sure how to say Barcaldine, say Barcy instead.  Yes, that is the correct spelling.  Don’t substituted the ‘c’ for a ‘k’.  

Town Map - Barcaldine - June 2022