Sculptures around the region


The Barcaldine region has a variety of sculptures throughout our region.

We believe that public art brightens communities, creates talking points, displays a healthy township and complements the lifestyle of our region. While you visit, become a part of our community and linger longer to enjoy our public art trail.


• Bull
• Cow and Calf

• Trumpeter

• Striking shearer
• Variety of animals at the Barcaldine Hospital


Milynda Rogers
• Brolgas
• School Children
• Bunch of Fruit
• Golf Ball (At Golf Club)
• Barb Dinosaur (Muttaburrasaurus)
• Goanna

Other Muttaburra artists
• Plane
• Shearer & Sheep
• Dinosaur Cutouts
• After the Rain
• Giants Chair
• Emu & Chicks
• Yellowbelly fish
• Lady & Child
• Mudskipper
• Dinosaur Pipe Log
• Flock of Birds
• Centre of Queensland
• Pumpkin
• Blackboys/Grass Trees
• Emerging Mootaburrasaurus
• Waiting for a Mate
• Spring is in the Air
• Sausage Dog
• Longhorn

Barcaldine region