Our region contains some of the best birdwatching locations in Central Western Queensland.

Whether you are a seasoned ornithologist or an amateur bird watcher there are over 200 different species of birds in our area to discover.

The best locations to see large numbers of birds are at our permanent watering holes which provide not only water for the birds but for several species, a habitat to live and breed in. The best time to go birdwatching is in the early morning and late evening when large numbers of birds come in to drink. You may also see large numbers of nectar eating birds in local flora when it is flowering.

Discovered something new?
Have you discovered a bird that we do not have on our list? Let us know.

We would love you to send us an image, information on the site at which you saw the bird or some information on the bird so that we can include it in our next edition of the bird brochure.

Contact the Barcaldine Visitor Information Centre on 07 4651 1724 or email

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