When conditions are right our area can produce some of the best wildflower displays in Queensland.

These displays are different from year to year depending on weather conditions.  Some years there are a large number of flowers, especially after winter rain and in dry years there are smaller less impressive displays.  Flowers and flowering times may also vary depending on the species, soil type, terrain ad timing of rainfall.  August and September are predominantly the two months in which large numbers of our wildflowers bloom. 

The best way to collect wildflowers is with a camera.    In the interest of conservation, biosecurity and your own safety we ask that you do not pick or take pieces of wildflowers. Some species are actually toxic and can cause poisoning and skin irritations.  Some species may be endangered or vulnerable.  Laws which require a permit for collecting also apply in some areas. 

Discovered something new?
If you discover a new or interesting flowering plant that you think we should know about please contact us. 

Contact the Barcaldine Visitor Information Centre on 07 4651 1724 or email tourism@barc.qld.gov.au.

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