Muttaburrasaurus Interpretation Centre


The replica of the Muttaburrasaurus Langdoni can be found at the Muttaburrasaurus Interpretation Centre.

The centre has interpretative displays including replicas of the original bones, history of dinosaurs and the story of how the Muttaburrasaurus was discovered.

In 1963 local grazier, the late Doug Langdon, discovered the fossilised skeleton of a dinosaur near the Thomson River in Muttaburra. This was the second most complete dinosaur found in Australia and is the first of five Muttaburrasaurus skeletons found in Australia.

The Muttaburrasaurus was a plant eating, land living dinosaur that roamed on Earth around 100 million years ago. The fossilised remains of the dinosaur are currently housed in the Queensland Museum in Brisbane.

Bruford Street, Muttaburra QLD 4732