A.A. Cassimatis General Store and Cottage Museum


A.A. Cassimatis moved from Greece with his family in 1913 and established a business in Muttaburra.

The Cassimatis family worked hard and from humble beginnings established a multi-purpose store. The store became an emporium which housed a bank, green grocery, haberdashery, café, white goods store, liquor dealership and motor spirits agency. In 1987 after 60 years of trading, Mrs Stravroola

Cassimatis passed away and the decision was then made to close the store. The store and cottage have been made into a Museum which showcases the living conditions of the early 1900s and the behind the scenes workings of a general store in a small rural community. Guided tours can be arranged by calling into the Muttaburra Visitor Information Centre on 07 4658 7147.

Bruford Street, Muttaburra QLD 4732