Tree of Knowledge Memorial


The Tree of Knowledge is Barcaldine’s most famous and much loved attraction located in Oak Street outside the Railway Station.

The tree has had a long and fascinating history and is most famous for its connection to the 1891 Shearers’ Strike. Legend has it that the striking shearers held their meetings, plays and assemblies under the shade of the eucalypt and that the formation of the labor movement and Australian Labor Party has its roots under the great tree.

The tree has seen many changes and undergone many changes itself. In 2006 the tree was fatally poisoned and after its death the tree’s remains were taken to Brisbane where it underwent a world’s first preservation process. It was then returned to Barcaldine and placed under the award winning timber structure designed by Brian Hooper and Michael Lavery. The structure is comprised of 4,913 individual timbers, 3,449 of which are hung to give the illusion of a canopy over the tree. The tree now serves as an important place to meet and reflect, and remember those who fought for better working conditions. The best view of the tree and the Memorial is at night when it is beautifully lit by special lighting.

Oak Street, Barcaldine QLD 4725